Vladimir Putin Officially Signed Into Law Prohibiting Same-Sex Marriage

Russia President Vladimir Putin officially signed into law a constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage in the country. This is a hard hit for LGBT+ community in Russia.

According to Associated Press the recent constitution changes is backed following a national referendum in which 78% of people in Russia voted in favour of the ban in July 2020.

In addition, President Putin is being granted the power to run for President two more terms in office meaning he could be Russian leader until 2036 because each term runs for 6years and his current term in office ends in 2024.

Based on the new constitution signed by President Putin, same-sex couples are now legally restricted to get married in Russia because the law interprets that “Marriage can only exist between a man and a woman.” and specify the core value of the country is “a belief in God.”

Considering the officially signing into law the ban of same-sex marriage by President Putin, the hopes of the LGBT+ community in Russia has been cut short.


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