Ultimate Love: A Review of Multichoice TV Reality Show

The Ultimate Love❤️ tagged True Love, Naija Style, is an unscripted reality genre from Multichoice showcasing 16 singles as they search for true love. The Ultimate Love dating reality shows open online entries on the 22nd of November and closes entries on the 5th of December, 2019. Each contestant was selected through a rigorous screening process.

What is the Ultimate Love Reality Show all About?

The reality show is about singles looking to find true love as they live as one in the house. Ultimate Love is a DSTV and GOTV tv program of 16 total strangers comprising of 8 males and 8 females who are filmed in real situations 24-hours for 8 weeks and it will be aired live on DSTV and GOTV channel.

The contestants will carry different tasks and win votes entered by the public. The winning couple will be going with an Ultimate Prize of a fully paid lavish traditional marriage ceremony and a furnished dream home if they are committed to get married. If the couple fails to commit to a marriage proposal they still get to win a cash prize and other amazing prizes.

One amazing feature of the show is the presence of “Aunty” just like Big Brother who is known for its voice, on the contrary, Aunty will be physically present in the Love Pad. Her responsibility is to assist the singles to find their true partner and provide advice if need be.

The Ultimate Love reality show will begin Live Show premiere today at 7.30 pm Nigeria time. This is the month of Love, dedicate your time to watch the reality show on channel 198 on DSTV and channel 29 on GOTV because your vote will count on the couple that will win the Ultimate Prize.

The Ultimate Love reality TV show promises to deliver great entertainment, suspense, intrigue, elimination and engaging content that will make you glue to your TV all day long.

Do you believe Ultimate Love can be found under eight weeks in an enclosed house and probably lead to a marriage proposal? We shall found out soon. Leave a comment below and ratings indicating your view in these new reality show?

For more information, please visit www.africamagic.tv/ultimatelove and follow social media updates on Facebook (Ultimate Love), Twitter (@ultimateloveng) and Instagram (@ultimateloveng).



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