8+ Guide To Become A Successful Full-Time Freelancer

Becoming a successful freelancer and rejecting full-time job is not an easy task to do. A couple of reasons are that you get an opportunity to be your own boss and you can do the work according to your own time and anywhere. Still, being a boss needs proper discipline and dedication towards work.

To be a successful freelancer, one needs to determined, patient and diligent. So, here are the tips that a freelancer can follow to be successful.

Your Guide To Becoming A Successful Freelancer.

1. Be Diligent

When you are a freelancer, it’s just only you. Means you are the one to decide the place, time and account of the work, no one is going to order you, track you or ask you to do your work on time or set you hours.

This is a blessing but also a curse. You need to be responsible and disciplined. You cannot act like a sloth because you don’t have anyone to track you. Work at time because your clients can also hire others for they don’t have much time.

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2. Make A Plan

The very first thing you should do is make a time-table or a plan because time is precious for all especially when you are freelancer. Plan about your workflow, the amount of work you are going to do and the due dates too. Write the things even if you can remember them very well. Write down the dates, amount of work, matter and whatever required.

If you don’t work, you don’t get paid. There are apps to help you out manage your time efficiently. Keep a track of work and stay motivated. Make a to-do list each week, see how much time is spent, watch out the imperfections and work on improvement. Once you know what are your distractions and attractions, you’ll be able to work properly and speedily.

3. Make Your Clients Happy

Always meet your client and talk to them. Try to communicate with them and give them the best at time. Sometimes it happens what you like might be disliked by your clients, give them what they want, never force them for your opinions.

You need to communicate with them on regular basis to know what they like and dislike. Deliver your work on time, stay professional, hardworking and give them the best. And if you want that you happy client should be happy with you for long time then don’t miss the deadlines and give them quality work.

4. Stay Professional

Whenever you communicate with your client, assure them that they are with the right people. Maintain a professional attitude throughout the conversation whatever it might be a video call, text or an email. Always try to leave a good impression on your clients.

5. Write

The most important tip to do is to write. If you want to go further with freelancing then write more. Getting clients hiring you and achieving the key to success, you have to follow the path of writing. Everything doesn’t come in a day, development takes place and it all happens with practice.

6. Stay Focused And Organized

To be successful, you need to be focused on your work and that can be done by organizing the things. Organize the details of the project work, time, invoice, communications with the clients, clients meeting, and setup.

Often it happens that when your table or your setup is disorganized your work gets distracted and that causes strain. When you’ll stay organized and focused, you’ll have more time for work, yourself and clients communication.
Prioritize Your Setup

One of the most important thing is to prioritize your work schedule that is to say you must be having emails to read and reply, invoices to send, client to meet with, or some overdue project work. You need to know which work is most important or earlier in your work list. In this way you will be able to deal with your clients and work very effectively. This will keep you updated and will help you save your precious time.

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7. Don’t Act Rigid

Be flexible, that is important too. You might have some important work to do, some urgent tasks to do or some deadlines. But flexibility is important.

As a freelancer you are free to do the work according to your own wish so you can also add more skills to your working style that will help you get more clients. And in that way you can give the best quality product to your client.

8. Marketing And Sales

When you are a freelancer, obviously you are working for others, you need clients to step up and reach the door of success as a designer. You need to know how to sell your product and do the marketing to stay in connection with the clients.

You can add your project in design galleries, advertising, banner advertising, blogging, writing articles for blog, attending events of local networking, distributing the business cards and networking with providers. Each of us has different way of working so anything can be right. A freelancer should develop a sense of marketing and selling their work.

To sell your work you need to communicate effectively with your clients to know about their wish and opinions. Plan with them, communicate and get the job done.


To succeed there is not only one path to tread on; there are many other ways to move on to the door of success. Just stay focused, organized, determined, patient and diligent. And there you go. Write well, sell well. Be a successful freelancer by following above tips.

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