BBNaija Eric & Tochi Evicted

Ebuka host the Sunday night eviction show with his elegant native wear dressed by Ugo. Eric, Kaisha, Tochi, and Trikytee were up for possible eviction by the public vote as announced by Ebuka. The fate of the bottom four will be determined by their fellow housemates.

Big Brother called on Kiddwaya for disobeying the instruction not to speak with any housemates.

During the live eviction show, Big Brother caught Kiddwaya whispering to Erica. Kiddwaya is in for Big Brother punishment tomorrow for not obeying the rules of not speaking with other housemates while the eviction show is on.

Meanwhile on Thursday night the BBNaija won their widger. This is the first ever since the Big Brother Lockdown season 5 started three weeks ago. Trikytee plays a great role in the coaching of the housemates.

What a great week for Ozo, He marked his birthday in the Lockdown house, won Head of House and won arena game show on Friday.

The Final Eviction

Earlier on, Ebuka announced the bottom four (Eric, Kaisha, Tochi, and Trikytee) the public voted up for possible eviction from the 16 housemates. The fate of the bottom four will be decided by the final vote of their fellow mates. Below is the vote of some of the housemates in the diary room. Dorothy was the first housemate to be called by Big Brother into the diary room to vote.


Lilo and Ka3na Eviction From The Big Brother House
Kiddwaya, Erica and Laycon Love Triangle

Dorothy voted Tochi and Eric

Tolanibaj voted Eric and Tochi

After the housemate’s vote, Eric is evicted from the Big Brother house while the other three housemates still standing Ebuka announced is a double eviction night. Tochi is the fourth housemate to be evicted from the BBNaija Lockdown house, other housemates rally around Tochi as he felt disappointed leaving the house.

Eric Live Interview Session with Ebuka:

Ebuka asked Eric, How do you feel right now? he responds I feel good because I know everything will be different for me now. Ebuka further interviews him; Do you want to pursue things with Lilo? Eric said, yeah of course I can’t wait to meet her. Eric further said he will focus on his gym career.

Tochi Live Interview Session with Ebuka:

Ebuka interviewed Tochi, how do you feel? Tochi said, “That it is what it is…” Tochi felt disappointed leaving the Big Brother house as he expresses his feelings, he tells Ebuka I am connected with Kiddwaya, Brighto, and Nengi in the Lockdown house. He further said I will take my work seriously and also going into acting.

Trikytee and Kaisha were saved from today’s BBNaija live eviction. Meanwhile, drama ensued when Ebuka asked Erica how she feels about Laycon and Kiddwaya, she said Laycon is her friend while Kiddwaya is a “Special Friend” but when Ebuka asked Kiddwaya her affections toward Erica, he responds I am not sure if I feel anything, I am definitely having a great time with her, I enjoy her company.

The Last Words from Ebuka

After the BBNaija Live eviction show, Lucy started trading words with Nengi over bathroom issues.

The Head of House peaceful, gentleman Ozo made peace in the Lockdown house while Lucy apologies to Nengi and her fellow housemates.


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