Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in China, people are getting scared and how they can protect their families. Kids are also sensing the pressure in their surrounding environment, school, home about the coronavirus.

In most countries, schools are shut down, exams postponed or canceled, kid’s activities are restricted or canceled, kids are prevented from moving to places. It is the sole responsibility of parents to educate their kids about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and help them to understand the symptoms and precautions they must undertake.

Today, most parents are facing questions from kids about the disease. Due to technology in this jet-age kids might access information from the internet, social media and probably information from friends. They will develop a scaring mindset which may lead to anxiety. Very imperative for parents to come in, be supportive and assist their kids to come out from their fear and confusion about Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Virus and infectious disease concept
Virus and infectious disease concept

How can parents help their kids to be free from fear about Coronavirus and Assist them to understand the situation?

Before indulging to discuss with your kids, you need to be educated about coronavirus, the symptoms, precautions measures to be taken and shun away fear from your thought about coronavirus.

Children always look up to parents and their teachers for encouragement and information. As a parent, you need to be calm and reassuring your kids at any given situation in order for kids to face their own fear. Kid’s brains can imagine a lot of things because they don’t have the same power as an adult to access information the way we do. Kids can have the worst imagination if they develop a sense of worry and tension especially when there is no guardian to reassuring and assist them out of their fear.

Below are some of the tips to discuss with your Kids about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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  • Bring yourself down to their age, your choice of words very important as you explain to them.
  • Discuss with your kids about the topic coronavirus, ask them if they know anything about it.
  • Do not make the topic sounds so scary, inform them it is important to discuss the topic since it has been declared a worldwide pandemic.
  • While your kids are spending time together, encourage them to discuss coronavirus. While they’re having the discussion, listen to them, ask a question when appropriate, provide valid information when they don’t know the answer.
  • Ask them if they feel any fear about the disease outbreak, encourage them out of their worst fear.
  • If your kids are too small, then device a means to explain to them about the disease. An expert says Kids under age 6 need much explanation like a global threat, disease name, detailed symptoms, and prevention measures. You have to build up a story about coronavirus, while personal hygiene is important such as hand washing, how germs can get into their body, avoid playing with a sick person.
  • If your kids are aware of the virus and want more explanation, explain to them in plain and simple words about the coronavirus, personal hygiene, and how to stay safe.
  • Put off the TV if there are any disturbing images from news about the virus update.
  • Kids above 12, educate them about the outbreak and ways not to be infected. Please you should not discuss with them the numbers of death rather discuss prevention measures and ways to be safe.
  • It is important at the moment to limit the time they spend on social media and the internet for them not to come across scary news that will lead to anxiety.
  • Assist them to feel secure.
  • Discuss topics with them about the importance of hand sanitizer, hand soap, hand washing, covering their mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing, stay away from gathering places, avoid playing with sick people in the neighborhood.

No kids want to be sick, because they know that sickness restricts them from playing with their siblings and friends. When you discuss with them about topics related to the outbreak of such like Coronavirus (COVID-19) they will understand how important to practice good personal hygiene and disease prevention.

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