Patience Ozokwor

Nigerian Actress and Gospel singer Patience Ozokwor disclosed in an interviewed session with Channel’s TV that she had an horrible experience in her young age by getting married to her parents choice of man so as to please her father who loved her so much.

The decision of her to get married at such an early age was as a result of her mother’s mate daughter that got married, these prompted her mother to force her into early marriage.

In her interview session, she said that she stayed in the marriage because she don’t want to disappoint her family especially her father and also to take care of her children.

To be honest Patience Ozokwor decision then was so bold and brave because she sacrifice everything for the sake of her parents and children without putting Herself first.

Today, she’s happy and industrious mother. Her experience is a “Food for Thought” to this generation.

Her words:

I come from a polygamous family where my mother’s mate the daughter gets married and my mother too wants her own daughter to get married. So the one that presented himself then, I wasn’t allowed to wait for LOVE, so i was forced into marriage.

Source: Channel TV

She was further asked by the presenter “What is her experience being married at such a young age”

Patience Ozokwor respond:

It was horrible, our own time was a time where you don’t have to decide who marries you. Your parents could arrange it, your cousin, anybody can arrange the marriage, once your parents have accepted it you’re in for it.

Source: Channel TV

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The Presenter continued “Was it an experience where you grow into loving your husband”

She respond;

When you are trying to please your parents, because, in our family you don’t come back from your husband place, you stay and manage it and make the best out of it. I saw what was involved I put my head because I could not disappoint my father who loves me so much I have to stay back. The reason I stayed just to please my family and take care of my children. whether there is love or not it does not matter.

Source: Channel TV

Interview session video below:


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