10 Activities Grandparent To Stay Connected With Their Grandchildren

It’s a know fact how COVID-19 has affects the health of elderly generations, but family relationships are most concern to aged parents. Many grand parents feels that they are separated from one of their greatest joys in life, which is their grandchildren.

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus in March 2020, 69% of grandparents haven’t come face to face with their new grandchildren. while 76% haven’t embrace any of their grandchildren. This is in accordance to a survey by grand parenting organization, Gransnet.

While hugging and sleep-over visits may be too risky for now, there are other ways to stay in touch with your grandchildren in compliance with modern rules for supporting healthy and safe relationships between grandparents and grandchildren.

Thank God for the latest technology to keep in touch with our distant loved ones. In this blog post we’re going to explore on how grandparents can unite with their loved ones.

Grandparents Communication Tips:

  1. The Basic Facts: As a grandparent provide appropriate information to your grandchildren while you have to take extra precautions because of the recent pandemic based on the fact that your grandchildren probably will be missing you, especially if they were used to seeing you regularly.
  2. Set Boundaries: Members of the family may disagree about COVID-19 Precautions to see you but you have to coordinate boundaries with the family members.
  3. Create a Routines: Routines help us to address uncertainty. Makes plan for a weekly virtual gathering over internet or a daily text of riddle and brand new vocabulary word.
  4. Show Compassion: Support one another through these tough times by offering any form of assistance to your grandchild or help your grandchild to place their feelings into words.
  5. Explore Available Resources: It may be of great help to discuss these topics with other grandparents. Join an internet forums or discussion group in Facebook where you’ll be able to discuss common challenges and find out reliable sources of info and guidance.

10 Activities Grandparents can Share with their Grandchildren:

  1. Setup Video Calls: Install zoom app in your device for video chat with your grandchildren. There is quick tutorials to walk you through the setup process or ask a close family member to help setting up an account with zoom.
  2. Write Letters: Old fashion way of communication still work. Your grandchild will be delighted to receive a card or letter addressed from you.
  3. Share Videos: As the saying goes “Memory Lives On Forever”. Create a visual memories such as videos and pictures by record yourself telling a story from your family history. Ask your children to capture and send some great moments of your grandchildren’s day at home.
  4. Send Gifts: Presents can make staying at home more pleasant. Education items maybe a great idea to send to your grandchild that will enrich his/her home learning. You can as well order a subscription or eBook of healthy ingredients for home cooked meals for the family which your children would appreciate.
  5. Celebration: What about Birthdays and Holidays? Due to the current health situations around the world, it’s risky to gather indoors to celebrate but you may still have party online or outside adhering to COVID-19 preventive measures.
  6. Family Tours: Put together amazing virtual tour to show your grandchildren what you’re have been up to all this while. It can include footage of summer gardening, your indoor and outdoor Xmas decorations.
  7. Play Games: Ask your children to play games with you online at their free time.
  8. Watch Movies: Popular apps such as Netflix films can be a great idea to share with your children family. Pick a film title the family will enjoy and discuss it afterwards.
  9. Read Stories: When was the last time you read a story to your grandchild? Schedule an evening video call through apps like WhatsApp to share a bible story or book they love. Even if your grandchild is too young to understand your words, they will become more familiar with your voice. You can take turns with older children to tell you a story.
  10. Eat Together: You can have a family meals virtually with your children and grandchildren through video app. You can as well come up with a recipe idea to teach the older grandchildren how to make macaroni and cheese or homemade pancakes etc.
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The pandemic has changed our daily routines, apparently you need to talk with your doctor about your individual needs while you adhere to local health and safety guidelines about family gatherings.

I would love to hear from you by sharing your thought at the comment section below, your experience so far on how you’ve been communicating with your grandchildren for others to learn.

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