25 Bad Habits Of Children Upbringing

Please, carefully look at the list below and identify areas where you may want to make amends on yourself or that of your children you’re training.

Children, if not properly groomed may never get to the top of life, even if both parents are at the top of their careers. Manners take you to where your education can’t irrespective of your status, wealth, or your influence in the society.

Below are 25 Bad Habits of Children Upbringing:

  1. Going to your child’s school indecently dressed.
  2. Speaking rashly to your child’s teacher.
  3. Cursing, using foul languages or swearing words in front of your children.
  4. Using makeup on children.
  5. Dressing your little children up indecently (they lose their sense of Princesshood).
  6. Putting earrings on your son’s ears.
  7. Your children don’t greet and you just feel they will come around one day because they have a mood swing (you will be blamed for it).
  8. Your children eat with their mouth opened and you feel they will grow up some day.
  9. Your children bringing home something you did not buy for them and you say nothing.
  10. The children talk back at you and you conclude it’s okay since you’re a 21st century parents. (you will hate yourself if they do that outside).
  11. The children interrupt when you’re speaking with another adult and you think they are bold and clever.
  12. The children exercising authority over the Nanny and domestic staff and you let them be (that is bad parenting).
  13. The children saying things like “My driver is on his way…” I do not advocate that children should call your domestic staff Aunty or Brother or uncle, calling them by name when they are not young people is not proper either. The use of Miss, Mr., Mrs. will look good on them.
  14. Your children don’t say a “thank you” when they have been helped or served something and you are cool with that (bad parenting).
  15. When your children cannot stand children’s who are less privileged.
  16. When your children pick their noses with their hands.
  17. When your children don’t wash their hands after visiting the restroom or after returning from school or outside visits.
  18. When your children don’t knock on closed doors and wait for a response before opening the door.
  19. When your children don’t collect from your hands items you brought in as you walk into your home.
  20. When your children request for a bribe to carry out their home chores or extra task (this is disgraceful).
  21. When your children act like their grandparents irritate them.
  22. When your children have not learnt to get up from the chair for the elderly or visitors to sit.
  23. When your children tells lot of lies (you will both cry in the future).
  24. When your children are always seated by your visitors when being served drinks or food.
  25. When your children play and jump around when Prayers are going on. (these can apply to children from Ages 3 and above).

Source: Received Through WhatsApp Message Forward.

Don’t be a 21st century parents who can’t correct their children. “Train your children in the way of the Lord so that when they grow up they will not depart from such Godly training or upbringing”.

Mahatma Ghandi motivation quote to inspired you to be a good parent

It is better to let your children cry at an early age when you correct them, if not you will both cry at night when they bring disgrace to the family with bad and terrible behaviors (Proverbs 23:13).

Please circulate to all parents and grandparents that are on your contact list to ensure Better Futures for all children under their watches. If you find this blog post interesting consider sharing it with your loved ones and other grandparents in your contact list. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram. God Bless You.


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