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A healthy relationship is a broad subject that comprises the relationship of someone with family members, friends, romantic partners and more. We will be discussing romantic partners and the qualities of a healthy relationship.

Healthy Relationship is the union of two opposite-sex developing a relationship based on mutual respect, support, consent, transparency, commitment, and trust. Both partners prefer to spend time with each other having a day out at the beach, outdoor events, relaxation center and more. No partner ever desires to be in an unhealthy relationship but when one of the partners feels there is no open communication, trust, supportive and transparency you’re in for an unhealthy relationship.

In a healthy relationship, romantic partners feel secure and accepted for who they are irrespective of their background. A romantic partner might encounter some challenges at some point in their relationship and they easily adapt to whatever challenges that come across their way. It is important to note that no relationship is perfect therefore all romantic relationships will experience some kind of financial pressures, disrespect of boundaries, loss of intimacy, stress, and distrustfulness.

Disagreement is an integral part of every healthy relationship, one of the partners have to find a way to compromise their disagreement over issues. Even though every relationship experiences its ups and downs, romantic partners come together to resolve issues and keep their life going. Romantic couples have to feel secure to express issues that bother them without fear of rejection or humiliation. There is a saying that “Relationship is giving and take” therefore for a relationship to be healthy, each partner has to open communication with their partner, especially at bedtime when the atmosphere is romantic.

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Dedication, communication, support, intimacy, happiness and without any form of secrets are characteristics of a healthy relationship whereas intimacy plays an important role in a healthy relationship, which is an interpersonal relationship that involves physical intimacy comprises of kissing, caressing, hugging, cuddling, sex and emotional intimacy comprises of feelings of love. A healthy relationship is built around true intimacy based on physical and emotional feelings. Couples will not deny themselves physically intimating with themselves with a smile, flirty look, holding hands, kissing momentarily leading to passionate sex in all the days of their lives. The emotions of feeling loving, self-acceptance, empathy and open communication always exist throughout their lifetime which is a strong sign of healthy relationships.

There are unhealthy relationship characteristics common with man, which is “Pride”. Some men find it difficult to apologies or just say the word “I am sorry” to their partner due to pride. In a healthy relationship, pride or any form of odd physical treatment is not welcome because each time one of the partners feels that he or she has been wronged by the other partner they are expecting a genuine apology.

Sacrifices are characteristics of a healthy relationship. Partners have to make some sacrifices for the relationship to blossom to eternity. Sacrifices are made to partners without any form of conditions in return. Women want their partner to always spend quality time with them while on the side of men they find it difficult most times to spend time with their partner. To make a relationship work each partner are willing to make sacrifices or else the relationship is on its journey to an unhealthy one.

Don’t let your affection for your partner give you infection. Always put some protection on your erection.

Youth needs to be taught the values of healthy and unhealthy relationships, due to the digital aged whereby partners can be engaged in a relationship through cyber-space, texting and chatting can be complicated to relationships. Practically relationship works when partners make special time to spend together, communicate and get to know each other.

In a healthy relationship, each romantic partners are in a position and willing to support their partner when making decisions. Partners need to be aware of when a relationship is not healthy. Below are qualities of a healthy relationship:

  • Respect and caring toward each other
  • In support of each other’s self-esteem
  • Encourage each other in their pursuit of interests, goals in life and job
  • Respect each other personal feelings.
  • Freedom to speak their mind
  • Consent with a partner before sexual activity to avoid an abusive relationship.
  • Be concern with issues that are important to each partner.
  • Spend quality time together. Go on a weekend trip, play games together, watch movies together, Cook together if possible, try new things, Stay fit together, Have a photoshoot for memorable moments, Enjoy great outdoors together.

When romantic partners do things together they become more closely connected. The most powerful therapy in human life is Love, the main element of a healthy relationship is genuine love. If you’re treated with love life will feel like a beautiful garden full of vibrant flowers. According to the scriptures, 1 Corinthians 13:7 “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things”.

Romantic partners should focus on nurturing their relationship so that their love life becomes fulfilled thereby improving and sustaining their healthy relationship.


    • You are absolutely right it’s better to focus on nurturing your relationship and spending time with your partner. Improving and sustaining a healthy relationship with your partner keeps you healthier and happier.


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