Finding the right outfits that go with your body shape is an important thing you cannot ignore. This article is a guide about an apple or circle or an oval-shaped body you may call it by choosing the best clothing.

Women possessing an apple body shape tends to be fuller around the middle. When such a women gain weight it usually shows up around the belly and upper body. Women with this body shape are commonly larger-breasted and their arms and upper shoulders are broader. They have thin legs and their butts are flat.

Below You, Will Find The Traits of Apple-Shaped Body

  • Narrow Hips
  • Larger Bust
  • Less Defined Waists
  • Broader Shoulder
  • Smaller Thighs
  • Thinner Arms and Legs
  • Extra Weight at Belly Region

The good news is that if you possess such body features then you should be proud of your figure and be confident to flaunt it. Do you know that there are certain styles to complement your apple-shaped body that will help you look your best? If you want to dress in a fashionable way to get people admiring you then consider the following styles for apple shape body.

1. Tops for Apple-Shaped Body

Tops look amazing when it comes to apple-shaped body type. Wear a top with a rounded hem and long shirt-tails to camouflage your tummy. Tops with v-necks are ideal choices because these pull the eyes away from the shoulders while emphasizing the person’s best feature.

Avoid showing much cleavage for this might end up less flattering. wear shirts with thick straps and high necklines, avoid tops that are low cuts. A tank top with a matching jacket is a good option especially if you are planning for a short trip or a walk to the grocery store. Avoid baggy tops with full or puffy sleeves for these make the arms and shoulder look bigger and also avoid jersey.

2. Best Jackets and Coats for Apple-Shaped Body

Jackets must fall right in the waist to the middle thigh and not on the area of the hips for this will make the hips appear wider. Belted jackets give the illusion of a smaller waist and tummy.

Wear blazers and jackets that ideals for vertical lines to lengthen the body. Avoid excessive fabrics on the bust around the hips and tummy. To accomplish this, make a choice of simple tailored jacket that nips in your waist or a belted jacket, giving an illusion of a small waist.

3. Best Trousers and Skirts for Apple-Shaped Body

Wear shorter skirts of about one to five inches above your knee and dresses that draw attention towards your awesome thighs and hips. A-line skirts can give you an hourglass body figure.

Make a choice of pants and skirts with flat fronts or the ones that clasp on the side. You can as well go for pants and skirts with zippers at the back or on the side. If possible avoid pleats, gathers and pockets near your wait for these will add inches to your belly.

Chiffons and Silks make excellent skirts for women with apple body shapes. Women can try bold colours and patterns with this fabric.

Avoid bottoms that are extremely tight. You should also try flared legs and boot-cut pants and then A-line skirts for you to look leaner. With an apple body shape making the right choice of style can make you look stunning and beautiful.

4. Accessories to go for Apple-Shaped Body

If you’re lovers of oversized earrings? Necklaces? Bracelets? then you’re good to go because accessories of such complements with any dressing shape, you’ll want to go with a longer length or keep it light and delicate that will resonate eye-catchy.

Final Thought On Body Shapes

Bear in mind that the techniques and styles of how to dress appropriately go with this particular body type in order to be fashionable. With the best styles, you will be able to point out your best assets and feature.

These body shapes dressing is a guideline on how to kick-start the choice of dressing to wear. Visit our blog regularly or comment below for more dressing style tips and body shapes.


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