Erica Disqualified from BBNaija Lockdown House

Erica has been disqualified from the BBNaija Lockdown house due to last night assaults on her fellow housemate Laycon

Some of Her words to Laycon:

“You’re drumstick of a chicken, I’m not attracted to you I am only attracted to your brain and your brain is evil. you want to use me trend in this house”

The whole drama started last Sunday eviction show when Ebuka questioned Laycon on his conversation with another housemate that Erica tried to kiss him twice. Erica did not take things lightly with Laycon, She felt he was lying and that he should provide evidence to her when she attempted to kiss him twice.

After the Saturday Gordons Night Party, Erica was shouting on top of her voice raining curses on Laycon.

Few minutes to today’s Sunday eviction show Big Brother gathers the housemates and addressed them.

He interpreted the BBNaija Article 18 Sub Paragraph 1 “Violence is prohibited in the Lockdown house which also includes bully and victimization” these are some of the rules the housemates fail to obey.

Neo was among the housemate to received the wrath of Big Brother. He was issued a strong and final warning of last night hot argument with Vee while Big Brother disqualified Erica for infringement of the Lockdown house rules as stated below;

Four Facts of Erica Disqualification

  1. Erica is guilty of assaulting Laycon to the extent that she went out of control which resulted in disrespect to her fellow housemate.
  2. She failed to listen to her housemates “Kiddwaya and Trikytee when they tried to calm her down.
  3. She was found guilty for pouring water in the Head of House (HOH) bed and restricting Prince the Deputy Head of House (DHOH) access to the HOH lounge.
  4. She was also found guilty for peeping through the window and calling on the camera crew which is a disrespect to the BBnaija organizer.

She had two-strike already with the strike issued today. Erica was found guilty for disregarding the Lockdown house rules and the entire BBNaija process. She was disqualified from the reality show.

Lucy on the other-hand was evicted from the today Sunday live eviction show with the least votes. Find below the votes stats.

As you can see from above Laycon had the highest votes.


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