22 New Cases of COVID-19 Recorded

Today 8th of April 2020, Twenty-two #COVID-19 cases have been reported by Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) at their official twitter page as follows; fifteen (15) in Lagos, four (4) in FCT, two (2) in Bauchi one (1) in Edo.

Based on the COVID-19 cases reported there are 276 confirmed cases, forty-four (44) discharge cases, and 6 deaths. Below is the NCDC tweet.

Below is the breakdown of Coronavirus cases across Nigeria by NCDC

Meanwhile, Delta State recorded first case of COVID-19 yesterday, therefore, it is very important for all Deltans to adhere to the government #Lockdown directives as a way to control the spread of the Coronavirus in the state. Do not hesitate to report to the state hotline if you notice any cases related to symptoms of Coronavirus. #COVID-19 is real always observe #PersonalHygiene at home and #Staysafe.


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