The need to be fashionable in 2020 requires much of your time, dedication and improvement of your wardrobe. What you wear reflects your personality, values, and there is a need for you to flow with the current trends of fashion so that you will not be caught in the old line of fashion wears.

Here are 20 Fashion ways to look fashionable in this current trends of fashion in 2020.

  1. Be Fit
    The most significant step to take to become fashionable in 2020 is to get fit. Therefore if you are weighing some extra pounds, then you should engage in some fitness program to lose some pounds by undergoing work-out and dieting.

  2. Be Confidence In Yourself
    No matter what clothes you are putting on, you won’t look best in it, if you don’t have confidence in wearing them. You need to build up your self-confidence of what you are wearing to complements your body figure, as well as your skin tone. With self-confidence, people will respect your dressing on how you look fashionable because of the way you carry yourself.

  3. Cheerful Smile On Your face
    Always complement what you are wearing with a cheerful smile. When you wear that smile on your face, it would make you look more beautiful or handsome. Apart from that, people would also see you as someone who is approachable. The more friendly you look, the more people would look up to you, which is one of the vital keys to being fashionable.

  4. Have a Hairstyle
    To be fashionable you should have the complete package. In other words, apart from wearing the right kind of shirt, shoes, and makeup, you should also wear the right kind of hairstyle. The best hairstyle should complement your face and your dressing style.

  5. Care for your skin
    Having radiant skin goes a long way toward becoming a fashionable person. Your skin condition would definitely reflect your fashion style, therefore it is important to maintain your skin so that it will complement whatever you are wearing.

  6. Wearing blushes
    Lots of women do not have an idea, when it comes to wearing their blushes it starts when applying makeup. As a rule of thumb, all you need to do is to measure about two fingers from your nose, in order to determine the spot to start applying your blush on. Do this so that you can never go wrong.

  7. Be aware of the season of how much make-up to wear
    During the summer, it is a bad idea to wear heavy makeup. It is advisable to wear a minimal amount of makeup during the summer based on the fact that it is going to be hot outside. There is a way you can easily wear a minimal amount of makeup to complement your summer clothing.

  8. Having hairstyle color during summer
    It can be fun to have a hairstyle color during the months of summer. However, you need to take care of it properly, so that it won’t fade out easily. The best way to accomplish that is to use a conditioning treatment every week or twice a month. Do not wash your hair too often, since it can speed up its growth which can lead to your natural hair color to appear sooner.

  9. Your thought about buying makeup items
    Before you decide to purchase makeup items from a makeup store, you should think about what you want to do with your makeup items. Aside from that, you should also consider the kind of event you would be wearing them to. On consideration of these things, you can purchase the right items to be fashionable.

  10. Wearing a belt, suspenders or both
    It looks hilarious seeing men wearing a belt and suspenders at the same time. Both belt and suspender serve the same purpose therefore, you should make a choice between them depending on your clothing. It’s advisable not to wear them together.

  11. Go with your shoes and belt
    Wearing a belt and shoes of top quality and conditions is a must for every fashionable man but you should also know how to match them properly. In some cases, you might want to make a choice between the colors of black and brown. To match them properly, make sure they have the same color or shade. The black belt goes with black shoes, and a brown belt goes with brown shoes.

  12. Wearing jackets
    It is a known fact, that is not a good sight to see those basting thread in your new jacket having loose stitches on the shoulder part or at its vents, which is why you need to remove it, before wearing your jacket. Make use of a pair of scissors to cut so that you won’t be affecting the quality of the jacket.

  13. The bottom button on your jacket
    To become fashionable, wearing a jacket properly is something we must consider. When it comes to jacket bottom button, you need to be aware that is not intended to be buttoned, these fashion rules are also applicable to wearing a vest.

  14. The length of your jacket sleeve
    On making a choice of jacket to wear to an important event, ensure it has the right sleeve length. The best way to determining that is to check if the jacket cuff is short to display about half an inch of the shirt cuff. Thus, when you shop, it is advisable to go with the shirt you intend to wear with the jacket.

  15. The best coat fit
    On making the right choice of coat, you should consider having the right coat fit, in which it would flatter the shape of your upper body. It should be loose enough to enable you to slip a hand into it in order to reach the inside chest pocket.

  16. The right length of your tie
    Some men actually wear ties that are either too long or too short. To ensure this is not your case, then you will wear a tie that is just long enough to reach your belt line. The right length of a tie should not end below or above the belt.

  17. Best time to wear a tie
    Wearing a tie should be when you are using a suit or a sport coat. Wearing your favourite tie with just your shirt and no jacket on is actually not a good idea. Because, if you are going to attend a wedding event, that is actually a style a kid would have.

  18. When to wear black suits
    When attending a formal event during night time, then you can go with a black suit. However, if the event falls during the mid-day, it is not ideal to wear a black suit but go for pleasant colors. Take a good look around you, you will see that men that would be wearing black suits during daytime are usually the secret agents, undertakes, funeral attendees and priest.

  19. Wearing Shorts
    If you planned to wear shorts for an afternoon event with your colleagues then ensure not to wear socks that are visible with it. Wearing shorts with visible socks is a usual practice with kindergarten kids. Make sure your socks are short enough in order for you to hide it appropriately.

  20. Things you need to consider when buying a suit
    When you intend to purchase a suit, you should bear in mind factors to consider in order to choose the best one. Some of these factors include your budget, brand, quality, size, style, and color. In consideration of all these factors, you can have the guidance you need to choose the one that would suit you best.

If you want to become fashionable in 2020, then you should bear in mind that it is not just wearing the right clothes, it is also about wearing the right hairstyle, make-up, the right pair of shoes, and the right accessories. Also note, be healthy and fit, the best skin contributes to how fashionable you will become.



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